954 January 21 born
Chofu kindergarten, Toyoura elementary school, junior high school Chofu, Toyoura High School, Kumamoto University graduate (enrolled in a classical guitar club)
After graduation, he moved to Tokyo. Appointed to the new drilling guitar Academy of Music full-time lecturer there was a headquarters in Tokyo Asagaya Ward. A deputy director at the Nishiogi center. Chief Kaoru Inoue.
Then return to Kumamoto, we established a new drilling guitar Conservatory Kumamoto this Institute. After that, the retirement Niibori guitar. Transfer the residence in Osaka Fukushima-ku. He joined the group playing “Guitar land” establishment, independent. Six months classroom opened in Fukushima.
July 1987, return to his hometown of Shimonoseki, opened the Chofu guitar school with his wife.
Ogori classroom, Shimonoseki Maruyama classroom, Chofu church classroom, Kikukawa classroom opened.
The conductor of the barrier guitar club “Paseo”.
Shimonoseki become a regional information Study Group members of the experience to help you launch the Shimonoseki website.
Participate in such as the Internet live relay of the Strait fireworks.
In January 1995 the Internet classical guitar website in Japan opened (the nation’s first classical guitar portal site)
Launch the classical guitar Kominyuti in Mixi.
Responsible for the warehouse worker of Christian forum FLORD of Nifty. (Currently lies within Mixi)
Primary representative of Shimonoseki music’s meeting. Serve 10 years. married. 2 grandchildren. Protestant Christian. Shimonoseki Chofu resident.
Lecturer history: ’40